All Star Competitions that are designed specifically for A DANCER!

Groove Approved Dance Only Judges.  Marley Competition Floor and Master Classes from Top Choreographers and Dancers in the Industry! 

The Groove Experience was created in 2009.  These events were designed so that All Star dancers had a high quality event to attend that includes guaranteed Marley competition floor, dance only judges and master classes from the top dancers in the country! We pride ourselves on supplying the most knowledgeable dance judges in the industry that are highly trained on the Varsity All Star Dance Score Sheet as well as the Worlds Score Sheet.  Valuable critiques and usable feedback is what we strive for each and every competition so that customers walk away learning how to improve, train their dancers and grow as a program.

Today, The Groove Experience hosts 6 high quality production events all of which are Worlds Bid and Dance Summit bid giving events.  The Groove Experience is accompanied by a highly successful Varsity All Star Cheer Brand and are at great locations with easy access for customers to get to.  

Join us at a City near you to EXPERIENCE our events, learn how to improve, compete with the BEST and to let your dancers GROOVE in our electrifying master classes!